27 March 2007

X-Rated Birthday

It's my baby boy's 16th birthday today!

I always try to make an 'event' out of everything. I spend a lot of time planning & the birthday cake is always so important. I did, over the past years, make a lot of the kid's cakes, but for awhile, found an unbelievable caterer who made the most amazing cakes. One year, when Adam was into Titanic, this lady actually made a 3 dimensional Titanic with the lifeboats & everything sailing into an iceberg made out of marshmallow cream. She's made a life-size computer, complete with keyboard, mouse & monitor for Vaughn once. However, her catering business took off & birthday cakes just didn't fit into her time frame anymore.

I love to make cakes - I love to plan parties. Unfortunately, this year, Adam didn't really want one. He just wanted the family, so I planned his birthday cake & dinner for just the 4 of us. So, last evening I decided to get the baking done. To make a long story short, the cake fell apart when I was taking it out of the pan. It was time for Plan B.

After our annual birthday breakfast before school, I dropped into the bakery of our grocery store. All of the pre-made cakes were covered in icing flowers. When I explained the predicament to the baker, I told her that I wanted a boy's cake. She told me that it was no problem at all - she would have a 'boy's cake' ready by the time he was out of school.

So, after Adam's favorite dinner of pizza & wings:

I proceeded to bring the cake to the table. Vaughn and Amy looked at it & started to laugh. I didn't know what was so funny, until Vaughn pointed out the yellow icing on the cake:

It was shaped like a penis. All I wanted was a 'boy's cake' - Not a cake with boy parts on it. It's no wonder after Adam made a wish & I told him to 'blow', Amy & Vaughn couldn't contain their laughter.

All in all, it was a fun and humorous night - one that won't soon be forgotten!

Have a great evening, everyone. Peace.


Kare said...


Netter said...

Hehehe...I think that penis is infected. What a great story though. Your family has such a great sense of humor.

Happy Birthday Adam!

Lucy said...


Kare said...

oh, Netter. I think I might throw up.

Sue said...

ROFL! That's not a boy's cake, that's a man's cake!!

Happy Birthday to the boy! Table and chairs look fa-boo!

Librarian Girl said...

I've heard of penises having a little bend in them, but that one is ridiculous! :)

Netter said...

Kare~ You just gave me the next thing to put on my "Annoying things I do" list. lol

desperate housewife said...

That is a very unhealthy looking... er, cake, with that pronounced bend and yellow colour.
Happy belated b-day to Adam!

Kare said...

Just stopping back to see if there were any more gross comments. So I can be all disgusted. ; )

Kare said...

Darlene! Big News.
I saw the cops take someone down at the corner of Biggs this afternoon. And just a minute before I got to Biggs, I saw 2 guys running like hell...It was very exciting.
I really really really need the scanner up and running.